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My latest CD is called “Happy at Home”. Below is a track listing, along with a brief description of the tracks.

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  1. I Want To Sing - up-tempo joyful sing-a-long folk song
  2. Just Your Average Existential Crisis - humourous banjo driven roots blues piece
  3. Three Pistols - folk-rock arrangement of the song by The Tragically Hip
  4. Solitaire Blues - medium tempo electric blues
  5. Anniversary - slow waltz love song
  6. Hibernatin’ - humourous banjo driven roots piece about working at home
  7. Happy at Home - instrumental waltz
  8. A Suburban Life - uptempo country piece about domestic life
  9. The Shipbuilding Song - East Coast style folk song about shipbuilding in the 19th century
  10. Wag Your Tail - Joyful high energy Chuck Berry style children’s piece
  11. Once Upon a Song - introspective medium tempo folk/rock song
  12. Windrow Blues - uptempo silly roots blues about shoveling snow
  13. I Wrote a Song Today - introspective deep ballad
  14. A Long Weekend - roots rockin’ sing-a-long song

All songs written by Glenn McFarlane except track 3 (The Tragically Hip) and registered with SOCAN.

Here is a complete set of lyrics…