A Celebration of 200 years of Family History in New Brunswick

My ancestors have lived in the same house that was built when we first arrived in Bayside, New Brunswick some 200 years ago. This album is a chronicle of six generations in this rural community. The first half is historical fiction as I explore Bayside’s early days, while the second half brings us back to the present. Enjoy the journey!

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My new CD is called “Bayside”. Below is a track listing, along with a brief description of the tracks.

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  1. The McFarlane Family Waltz (T. Leighton) – Short old thyme instrumental waltz, written by keyboardist Tom Leighton and played on the fiddle by Anne Lederman.
  2. Ann MacCullough – Uptempo Celtic influenced piece about immigrating to the New World.
  3. Ann's Letter – Reflective piece looking back on 16 years in the New World.
  4. The Charlotte County Fall Fair – Uptempo country piece about a rural fall fair.
  5. The Maxwell Crossing Bridge – Fingerpick style piece about turn of the last century courtship.
  6. Hallelujah (K. Wheatley) – Uptempo popish singalong about a young rural family.
  7. Chamcook Lake – Moody instrumental piece inspired by a lake.
  8. Inchcailloch – Dramatic Celtic Rock piece about our Scottish roots.
  9. Dad's Accordion – Nostalgic East Coast Waltz about my musical beginnings.
  10. The “A” That Got Away – Humourous blues song about a missing vowel from my name.
  11. Bringing It All Back Home – Mellow singalong ballad encompassing the overall theme of the album.

All songs are copyright 2018 Glenn McFarlane, except Hallelujah, which was written by Katherine Wheatley, and The McFarlane Family Waltz, written by Tom Leighton.

Here is a complete set of lyrics…